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The MS 450 SWIRLER is the solution for the mixing of lyophilized powder with Sterile Water for Injection (SWFI).

Price: $599.00

MS 450 Foam Insert
The MS 450 SWIRLER Foam Insert 8XD21

Price: $25.00

AS 1.31
For basic holder AS 1.30 Length 228 mm

Price: $52.00

RV 06.13 Seal
For RV 06.11.

Price: $260.00

A 11 basic Analytical mill
Batch mill for 2 different grinding procedures:
Impact grinding of hard, brittle or non-elastic grinding materials with high-grade stainless steel beater.

Price: $1,727.00

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RCT basic IKAMAG® safety control OPEN BOX ITEM

OPEN BOX ITEM 20% mark down

The new improved version of the laboratory bestseller with revolutionary technology and new functions.

Price: $890.00


RET control visc IKAMAG® safety control
RET control visc IKAMAG® safety control
Safety magnetic stirrer with heating, suitable for unsupervised operation.

Safety magnetic hotplate stirrer with heating, suitable for unsupervised operation

-Vicosity trend display
-Chemical Resistant, with stainless steel surface or white-coated surface
-LED Display, easy to read backlit LCD display
-2 adjustable safety circuits
-Stirring bar crack detection
-HOT warning display indicates presence of any residual heat when the unit is switched off
-3 modes of operation, e.g. stirring and heating functions can be secured against inadvertent changes of set parameters
-Software labworldsoft® is available to control and document all measured values via PC

Product Code: 3364001

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