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The MS 450 SWIRLER is the solution for the mixing of lyophilized powder with Sterile Water for Injection (SWFI).

Price: $599.00

MS 450 Foam Insert
The MS 450 SWIRLER Foam Insert 8XD21

Price: $25.00

AS 1.31
For basic holder AS 1.30 Length 228 mm

Price: $52.00

RV 06.13 Seal
For RV 06.11.

Price: $260.00

A 11 basic Analytical mill
Batch mill for 2 different grinding procedures:
Impact grinding of hard, brittle or non-elastic grinding materials with high-grade stainless steel beater.

Price: $1,727.00

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RCT basic IKAMAG® safety control OPEN BOX ITEM

OPEN BOX ITEM 20% mark down

The new improved version of the laboratory bestseller with revolutionary technology and new functions.

Price: $890.00


S 18 D - 10 G - KS Dispersing element
S 18 D - 10 G - KS Dispersing element

incl. 1 Disposable tube
Plastic materials used approved by FDA.

Dispersing element

Product Code: 3452400


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Plastic dispersing elements are ideal for those applications where absolutely no cross-contamination is permitted. They are disposable and can be thrown away after a single use. The element is disposable and designed for one-way use. However, it can be re-used several times in applications where this is permitted. If you decide to re-use the element, make sure that you follow the cleaning instructions carefully. Example use: homogenizing tissue samples.

Dispersing element S 18 D – 10 G – KS S 18 D – 14 G – KS
Ident. No. [Packing unit] 3452000    [5 pcs.*]
3452400 [10 pcs.*] 3451900   [5 pcs.*]
3452300 [10 pcs.*]
Suitable for dispersing instrument T 18 basic T 18 basic
Working range 10 – 100 ml 10 – 500 ml
Stator diameter 10 mm 14 mm
Rotor diameter 6,75 mm 9,5 mm
Min. / max. immersion depth 15 / 85 mm 15 / 85 mm
Shaft length 150 mm 150 mm
Materials in contact with medium Polycarbonate (PC) Polycarbonate (PC)
Polyetheretherketon (PEEK) Polyetheretherketon (PEEK)
Max. temperature 100 °C 100 °C
Sterilization methods yes, autoclavable yes, autoclavable